Graham Restoration Co., Inc. provides a full range of restoration, repair and maintenance services.


  • Roof Systems
    Modified Butuman, EPDM, Built Up, Urethane, Elastomeric, Coatings, Quarry Tile & Pavers
  • Facade Repairs - Local Law #11
    Brick & Stone Repairs, Repointing & Replacement, Waterproofing, Caulking, Coating, Masonry Pointing
  • Sidewalks and Decks
    ADA Barrier Removals, Structural Steel Replacement, Vaults Repaired, Tripping Hazards Removed, Cement, Stone & Tile
  • Cleaning
    Graffiti Removal & Control, Steam & Chemical Cleaning, Paint Stripping, Waterproofing, Pigeon/Bird control
  • Corrosion and Erosion Control & Solutions
    Steel Replacement & Repair, Barriers & Curtains, Corrosion-Inhibiting Additives, Coatings, Fluids & Adhesives, Green Materials Protection Technologies


  • Parking Garages
    Structural Replacement & Repairs, Deck Restoration & Repairs, Deck Waterproof Coatings, Skid Proofing, Parking Control Systems, Bumpers, Posts, Painting, Post Tension Repairs
  • Below Grade Waterproofing
    Grout Injection, Grout Barriers, Negative Waterproofing, Gunite Spray, Drainage Systems
  • Demoliton and Repairs
    Partitions, Walls, Fixtures, Fire Stop, Repairs, Rat Patching, Painting
  • Floors and Decks
    Ceramic, Quarry Tile, Cement Waterproofing, Skid Proofing, Patching & Resurfacing, Leveling, ADA Compliance

Engineering Services

  • Permits
  • Filings
  • Architectural & Engineering Plans & Drawings
  • Violations Removed

We GO GREEN, using environmentally-friendly products and materials. To learn more, please view our sample projects or contact us.